Sunday, May 21, 2017

the five people you meet in heaven --by Mitch Albom


196 pages
4 Stars

An interesting book, but probably one I'll not pick up to read again. Very well written!

Eddie is a 'blue collar' worker. He grows up with an abusive father, goes off to war, is wounded, comes home. He marries his sweetheart, and they stay in the same place he was raised in, and he takes his father's job at the amusement park until the end.

It isn't often one picks up a book that begins with the death of the protagonist, but this is a story about death and heaven, and the five people he will meet there. They are not always the ones expected.

I've read several books on death, dying, and what happens next, and I did find this one interesting. I especially like Albom's idea of heaven, and what one may find there. Put this book in the bag to take to the beach, or out to the hammock.  

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