Tuesday, May 23, 2017

At the Edge of the Orchard --by Tracy Chevalier

Fiction / Historical 

297 pages / 1773 KB
3 Stars

I truly admire the way Chevalier crafted this book, using not only history, but I liked the introduction of the letters. What I truly did not like were most of her characters. I admit I now know more about apple trees than I thought I needed to know.

I finished the book. The ending was somewhat satisfactory and logical, but I was left with almost the same brown taste in my mouth when I finished reading The Godfather by Mario Puzzo. While there were likeable people in this story, I felt too much time was spent on the ones who were not likeable. When I read fiction, I want to escape the woes of the world, not wallow in them. I understand there must be conflict, but I became mired in this swamp. And it is black, indeed.

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