Sunday, May 21, 2017

Echoes --by Maeve Binchy


488 pages / 1389 KB
3 Stars

I was somewhat disappointed in this book. It didn't seem to be up to her usual standard of writing. The story seemed to go on and on, and then it went on some more. The only two characters I really found interesting were minor ones. In short, it read like her first novel. When I finished the book, I discovered it was the third of her books to be published. And very likely was the first novel she wrote.

If you read it in that light, that it may easily have been her first novel, it becomes somewhat more interesting, and one can see the progression to her later books. If you're a fan of Binchy, and I am, at least for the most part, buy this one, read it, but understand it is nowhere near the quality of her later books. Echoes reads like she's just learning how to walk on an uneven path, but once she gets her stride, her books become, well, marvelous.

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