Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Flash Fiction Magazine 50 Stories 50 Authors –ed by Emily Clayton and Dina Paulson

Fiction / Flash

125 pages / 2224 KB
5 Stars

Legalities First: I received a free electronic copy of this magazine in exchange for an honest review.

Flash fiction, by most definitions, is 1,000 words or less. Many of these stories are less, and to be honest, many left me with "Reader's Greed." I wanted more.

This "slithering road"* of short stories will take you into worlds you aren't familiar with, even though you've seen them before, indeed, may have lived in. Worlds where crows gather "in B Minor,"** where the "scintillating synaptic conflagration"** will leave you wanting more.

Fifty flash fiction stories—perfect for lunch hours, bathroom breaks, or just before your eyes close at night. Well worth the investment of time, imagination, and money. Buy it! Review it!

*Raji Samuel, author

**Miles Varana, author

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