Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spellbent --by Lucy A. Snyder

Fiction / Urban Fantasy  Columbus, Ohio
370 pages / 705 KB
5 stars

When I read fiction, or see a fictional movie, my primary criterion is I must feel better when I finish the book, or the movie, than when I began it. I loved this book. Our heroine, Jessie Shimmer, may not be to everyone's liking, but I enjoyed the heck out her. Talk about a take no prisoners attitude! And her "ferret" familiar is a hoot! Even when, or maybe especially when, we find out he's really something else (and right out of my nightmares!)

OK, it starts out she and her boyfriend were out to cast a simple rain spell to help the farmers when, literally, all hell breaks loose from the underground. Well, a portal opened and sucked Cooper into Hell, and his familiar, a cute little dog reverts to its demon self and goes berserk, and downtown is destroyed, and Jessie badly wounded and....

Because Jessie won't play by the rules, and leave her boyfriend in Hell, but wants to rescue him, even though she is wounded, has no real resources, and has had an anathema spell placed on her which warns anyone away from helping her, Jessie is pretty much on her own.

The head honcho of the local ruling circle of Talents wants her to leave well enough alone. Leave Cooper in Hell. Behave herself. Study hard. But Jessie doesn't always play nice with others. Especially when those she knows and loves are being mistreated.

If you're a fan of Jim Butcher, check out this series. Great fun, especially if like me, you have a slightly warped sense of humor. Now, I'm off to read Shotgun Sorceress....

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