Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hunting Down Dragons: Moonlight Dragon Book #2 --by Tricia Owens

Fantasy / Urban 

pages: 232
5 Stars

I am one of the luckiest of people in the whole wide universe. I was given a free copy of Descended From Dragons see my review at: in return for an honest review. I loved the book and whined until in desperation, Ms. Owens either had to send me Book 2 to read and review—or send Lucky. I am so lucky she sent the book, an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC), and not Lucky, the Dragon! (Reviewers must be hard to get and not to be eliminated without just cause ;-) )

Another one-sit read that should not be started until you have time to finish. Often, book 2 of a series tends to fall a little flat, but this one remains as exciting as the first book. Perhaps Hunting Down Dragons is a tad more exciting due to the return, and expanding of, characters and their roles. Owens deserves not just to sit on the shelf with Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop, but to be welcomed, too!

Anne Moody is still cursed, and I'm sure she shall remain so for the duration of the series (may it be long and many!). The Oddsmakers, those self-appointed magickal beings who keep the wielders of magick in Las Vegas to a bare minimum, do not like Dragons. And they do not like that Anne Moody's familiar is a dragon. I think it safe to say, they do not like Anne Moody. They do not just summon Ms. Moody to their lair, they fetch her, and none too politely. They give her orders, she gives them mouth and attitude. I believe it is not a spoiler to state she survives the interviews; after all, she is the protagonist of the series.

Anne and her boyfriend, Vale, are looking for a truly evil entity, introduced in Descended From Dragons. The Oddmakers want the entity left alone, he is theirs, and tells Anne she has an assignment and she must accept. There is just one problem; they don't give her precise instructions as to what the assignment is. I want you to solve this math problem. Oh, no, you don't get to see the numbers, just the +, the -, the  %, and the =. Now, go away and come back with the correct answer. With friends like the Oddsmakers, I don't think you need too many enemies.

If you like urban fantasy with some different shape shifters (one is a gargoyle, another is a monkey, there are also water fey, trolls, and of course, Lucky), sorcerers, succubae, and great stories set in the Las Vegas area, this series is for you. I may have to plan a road trip to Vegas, just to see if I can find any of the places mentioned. It's a much different Vegas than I'm used to.

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