Saturday, May 14, 2016

Luminaries of the Humble --by Elizabeth Woody

127 pages
5 Stars

Woody is not only one of the best poets I've ever read, or had the honor to meet (I took a class from her several years ago), she is also the new Oregon State Poet Laureate, and this book shows why she was chosen for that honor!

While I consider her poetry easily accessible by any one who reads it, her poems are not to be devoured as French fries—mindlessly one after the other. They are to be savored one at a time, should be read out loud even if you're alone, just to get the full taste, the mouth feel, the beauty of her chosen words.

A Native American, her poems reflect her heritage and this book gives us a look at the traditions and myths with which she was raised. There are stories about life, as it is and as it could be, there songs of the People and the land. And there are secrets. Why should one not listen when Raven sings?

The poems in this book are beautifully written and are a door to a culture with which you may not be familiar, but should be.

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