Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tukie Tales Complete Series: A New Beginning for a Better Tomorrow --by Debbie Burns, &c

Fiction / Children
118 pages / also Kindle
5 Stars

I read this little book a couple weeks ago, and due to the necessities of getting ready to move, am only now putting my review up.

This is a collection of 5 short stories. The stories show the children various values necessary for successful living, such as respect, kindness, and caring. Each story is perfect for a bedtime read, or an afternoon cuddle.

And the art is delightful! I do wish the type had been a tad larger. When tapping on the page, the page enlarged, but then I had to tap again to get it down so I could go to the next page. That was my biggest "complaint" which truly, isn't much of one, is it?

If you have small children, I think they would enjoy these stories. I did.

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