Sunday, December 27, 2015

Blood Faerie (Book 1, Caledonia Fae) –by India Drummond

Fiction / Urban Fantasy

265 pages / 542 KB
5 Stars

This is not Middle Earth, this is modern day Scotland, complete with cell phones, as well as fae and druids and magic!

Eilidh (Ay-lee) is a young fae, and has been banished from the kingdom, her life forfeit if found within it's borders, for being who she is. For having a magic she doesn't understand, and that is forbidden. She doesn't go far, but settles in the town of Perth (north of Edinburgh). She learns to live on her own, and disguise the fact she is fae—mostly she stays away from humans as much as possible. Until she meets Munro.

She smells a terrible evil come into her town, and murders most heinous are committed. She finds herself somehow linked to a human, a cop, and decides to trust him. In the meantime, she finds out more about the terrible evil, and tries to warn her kingdom, but they want nothing to do with it—or her. It becomes apparent that Munro also has magic, and is a Druid.

Her father does see her, and gives her some information that helps, but basically, she and Munro are on their own until the end when she finds other fae who share and practice the same magic she has. They too, are outcast, but choose to help.

As a human, Munro falls in love with Eilidh. It becomes necessary for them to bind to each other in order to defeat Cridhe (Creed) and his terrible evil – that is a lifetime commitment for both of them, and she will live for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It is not a snap decision, and once made, it cannot be broken. Munro is willing.

This story is complete, but it is the first in a 6 volume series. I look forward to reading volume II, Azuri Fae.

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