Sunday, December 6, 2015

Red Earth: A Vietnam Warrior's Journey --by Philip H. Red Eagle

Fiction / Historical
132 pages
5 Stars

This book is two novellas, Red Earth and Bois de Sioux. They are about men who survived Vietnam to come home to families, nightmares, and eventual healing.

What is it like to suffer PTSD? Can one work through it? These men did, with the help of their Native heritage, friends, and fellow vets.

Red Eagle is a powerful writer, and he wrote two powerful stories. I'm not an aficionado of Vietnam books, but this one is one I'll read again. And buy more copies for friends, especially my brothers and sisters who need the healing that Red Eagle gives.

These stories heal. And are not just for 'Nam vets, but for anyone who has seen combat either in a war, an inner city, or a trauma room.

Red Eagle will take you to Hell, he will show you the way home, through the pain, the anguish, the distrust, the nightmares, until you are once again where you need to be. Every combat vet needs to read this book. The family of every combat needs to read this book.

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