Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Daily Shark

The Daily Shark – Shark Facts for Kids (Newspaper Facts for Kids, Book 1) — IP Factly and IC Beasties

Nonfiction / 8 and under
28 pages / 3960 KB
5 Star

This delightful book about sharks reads like a newspaper. Each page features a headline, photo, short article. Many of the articles were about sharks I'd never heard of. The cookie cutter shark was the most fascinating, too me. I'd like to know how it got that name, and what, besides submarine sonar is there preferred diet.

I did have one quibble, about the time sharks first appeared in our oceans, and when dinosaurs first appeared on earth; however, I don't think it's enough of a quibble to downgrade it to 4 stars.

The book is geared to young readers of about eight years of age, though I think older children would also enjoy it. If you're looking for books to spur the reading habit in your youngsters, be sure to add this book to their collection. You won't go wrong!

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