Friday, November 28, 2014

Crocodiles: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos

Crocodiles: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nauture —Emma Child


26 pages / 696 KB
5 Stars

I have a soft spot in my heart for Crocs n Gators. Don't ask me why, perhaps it's their constant smile? At any rate, I was delighted when notified that Ms. Child has written another one of her marvelous books, and this time on Crocodiles.

If you haven't read her other books, you're in for a treat. She has a relaxed way of writing that will appeal to any child, regardless of their age. She researches her subjects, and uses professional photographs.

As in all of her books, there is a section of fun facts to learn and wow your friends with. Like their 80 teeth are replaceable, and scientists think they can be replaced up to at least 50 times in a lifetime. That crocs can live up to 75 years of age (wow! something older than me) and that saltwater crocs are bigger than alligators, and can grow up to 23 feet or so.

One question I have that was not answered—is crocodile meat as good to eat as alligator meat?

This is a great book for children to read on their own, and also one that the adults can read to them, as often as asked for. If you're giving a Kindle to a kinder, load it up with the books by Ms. Child!

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