Thursday, April 18, 2013

Left by the Indians: Story of My Life

Left by the Indians: Story of My Life  -by Ethan E. Harris and Emeline L. Fuller

27 pages / 103 KB
Footnotes/endnotes: No
Illustrations: No
Suitable for eReaders: Yes
3 Stars

A very short piece, easily read in an hour (or less). Perhaps I should have read it before reading Across the Plains in 1844 by Catherine Sager, but I found this book not nearly as riveting, and yet, the story is there, just not as well presented. Perhaps a good editor would have been a help?

It is a true story of a young girl (I think she was 13, somewhat older than Catherine when she lost her parents) stranded in the middle of nowhere after the Indians attacked the wagon train killing her parents, and most everyone else. She has no one but smaller children, one a nursing infant. She eventually meets up with another family, and the woman is nursing her child, but refuses the second baby.

All I kept thinking was how sad for the children the Indians didn't take them. Their lives would have been better, and the baby possibly would have survived.

For the price ($0.99), and the history, it's an ok read, but I've found much better out there.

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