Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guilt by Association

Guilt by Association (A Rachel Knight Novel) – by Marcia Clark                      

Fiction / Legal
374 Pages / 514 KB
Footnotes/Endnotes: No
Illustrations: No
Suitable for eReaders: Yes
5 Stars

I truly think Rachel Knight has become one of my favorite fiction heroines, and Marcia Clark one of my favorite writers. I assume most attorneys would be good writers, and Ms. Clark definitely proves my case.

Rachel Knight is a strong woman, with her own demons and flaws, a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, who seems to get into more trouble than one of the celebrated "rogue cops" of TV-Land. I enjoy both her exploits, and her friends.

The pacing of the story never lags. It starts on page one and goes to page end. In this episode, a work-buddy of Rachel's, Jake, is killed in suspicious circumstances, and Rachel is ordered to butt out, stay away, lets the Feds handle it. Yeah. Right. And then she gets her share of Jake's cases, and in solving the rape of the daughter of a prominent doctor, she also finds herself drawn into solving the murder of her friend, Jake.

The dialog between Rachel and her friends is great. There are some laugh-out-loud lines, both in the dialog and in some of the comments made by the narrator.

I've now read two novels and one story. And I'm sure I'll read as many novels (and stories) that Ms. Clark writes and publishes, at least as long as they feature Rachel Knight. And this just isn't 'my' genre. Go figure! ;-)

Although Rachel Knight is a DDA, very little of the story takes place in the court room. She is not a fem Perry Mason (perish the thought). It's far more investigation.

There is very little foul language, and though the main thread through the stories is rape and child pornography, there is no description of either. If you watch TV, you've seen far more than you'll read here. While it may not end with a 'Happy Ever After' ending, it does end with a satisfying ending, and justice for all.

By the book. You'll enjoy it.

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