Friday, January 20, 2012

Thousand Shrine Warrior - #3 of 3

Thousand Shrine Warrior: Third Novel in the Tomoe Gozen Saga –by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Historical Fantasy
275 pages
Footnotes/Endnotes: None
Illustrations: Yes, black and white ink drawings by Wendy Adrian Shultz
Suitable for eReaders: Yes

Rainy Day doesn't remember reading this third and last book in the series. She remembered the first two books, in fact she mentioned it was a bit like meeting up with her high school BFF and catching up on the gossip. But this story was entirely new to her. And a total page burner.

Rainy Day is both delighted she has finished this book – she can get back to her writing and household chores; and very saddened she has finished this book – she has said, "Goodbye" to her old friend, Tomoe Gozen.

The trilogy was called 'gloomy' by the author, and though it does have it's gloomy aspects, it truly was a good read. It is, after all, a Samurai tale. Lots of good sword fights, honorable vengeance fights, and the restoration of the Samurai's soul. A good read on the differences between Buddhists and followers of Shinto, at least in the fantasy land of Naipon.

Rainy Day highly recommends this trilogy to anyone who enjoys this sort of story. Well told, nicely executed, a heckuva fun romp. If you want an autographed copy of the trilogy, check out the last URL below. Rainy Day spent many years looking for the trilogy (Thousand Shrine Warrior had only one printing) and thought it well worth the cost to order from the author.

These URLs are also at the bottom of the review for Book #1

Jessica Amanda Salmonson books from her personal stash (these come autographed):

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