Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kro & Corinthian --Jason McIntyre

These are two short stories, free downloads on Kindle. They are companion pieces to , and part of the Night Walk Men Series. Total reading time is, maybe, an hour.


I first entered the universe of the Night Walk Men through that story, then I read the novel, The Devil's Right Hand, and in searching for the next novel in that series, came across Kro. In a way, Kro is a prequel to The Devil's Right Hand, but is not a required read to enjoy the novel. More of a companion short story, I'd say.

If you're not familiar with the characters, or the universe, and you like fast paced stories, you're in for a treat. Do you like Jim Butcher's Dresden Files? If so, I think you'll enjoy this series. Both are hard punching and fast paced. End of comparison.

Download it. Go for a terrific rollercoaster ride in the comfort and (relative) safety of your living room.


Another in the series about the Night Walk Men. I read the first short story, The Night Walk Men
(also a free download), as well as the novel, The Devil's Right Hand, so was familiar with the universe and story line. It might help to read The Night Walk Men first, though I make no promise.

I truly enjoyed this story. I truly enjoy the universe, and can't wait for more stories and or novels to come out of it. Jason McIntyre has a way of writing that is fast, pulls no punches, and jerks you around corners you'd normally be too afraid to even peek around. And he does it in language that is, well, poetic in its beauty.

One of the Night Walk Men pays a midnight visit to Geoff Saylor, and brings him face to face with the most horrifying choice a parent can ever face. If you're a parent, you will understand. Maybe.

The universe of the Night Walk Men is frighteningly familiar, and yet, is most assuredly fiction. Isn't it?

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