Friday, September 9, 2016

Dames Quixote: Four Women Tilting at Windmills --Jane Roop

Fiction / Hen Lit
288 pages
5 Stars

Legalities: I received an Advanced Reader's Copy copy in exchange for an honest review. I also know the author—we're in the same book group.

Jean Reeves is my kind of heroine. She's still working, but looking forward to retirement in the near future. Some of her friends are already retired. She doesn't go looking for trouble, or excitement, it comes looking for her. And her friends.

The four friends have been close for several years, they all live in the same Kennewick, WA area, and they all know the same people. (It's a relatively small town, what can I say?) In book one, Queen, we are introduced to the quartet when one of their friends dies a sudden and unexplained death. As Jean and the quartet begin digging, they become embroiled in local politics, cross paths with, and end up taking down, the local womanizing bully who preys on any female he can intimidate.

In book two, Jean walks into a grizzly murder scene, and the gals end up dealing with the local gang while solving the murder. The climax of the car chase/demolition derby on a windy mountain road is a ride you won't soon forget. Books three and four are coming!

These stories will appeal to the woman who has passed the age of angst, and wants a more modern Miss Jane Marple type of book.

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