Thursday, May 14, 2015

Karma and Mayhem --by Catherine E. McLean

Fiction / Fantasy  

348 pages
5 Stars

The world-building of this story is marvelous. The title is spot-on! It is about Karma and it is about Mayhem, which seems to go on throughout the book.

This is an adult book, with full frontal nudity. Okay, it's a book, but the descriptions are pretty good.

Rowen and his veed, Tal, have been forcibly separated, and if not reunited within a specific period of time, and in a specific manner, they will die. (Don't worry about what a veed is, it is explained, and quite well. Just understand they are important to the lives of those who have them.)

Janay is a wounded warrior, and good friends with the Archangel, Adrada. He's a pretty interesting guy, but gives out no free lunches. To anyone. She stumbles upon Rowen practically in his death throes, and as a Peacekeeper, vows to save him. Even after she learns the terms from Adrada.

Tienan is Rowen's elder brother. He's not sure about Janay, but shucks, this is a "romance" so you know what's going to happen. It's all the fun stuff between the Prologue and The End that keeps you turning the pages to the unexpected twist.

I'm not much into the Romance genre, but I do enjoy a good SF/F book, and if there happens to be romance in it, that's alright, too. Archangels (yes, plural), samurai, veeds, warriors, sex, and mayhem. Lots of mayhem. For what more can a reader who loves a good escape ask??

The world, the characters, the story are all believable and great fun.

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