Saturday, May 2, 2015

Adrada to Zool --by Catherine E. McLean

Fiction / Science Fiction / Fantasy / Romance  

178 pages
5 stars

I read fiction for one reason, and one reason only: to escape my current reality. I don't want someone else's problems to weigh me down, I want them solved, and I want to laugh. I also do most of my pleasure reading at night, in bed, so I don't want to turn the light off and wonder about the dragon under my bed.

I thoroughly enjoyed these short stories. All of them. Yes, some more than others, and yes, they were, in some cases, predictable. But they were fun. All of them. Some of them were laugh-out-loud fun, some provoked chuckles, and none brought tears.

Adrada is an Archangel, the Angel of Departing Souls, and he has problems—his wings are tinged with mournful purple. And Zool? Well, Zool, too has problems—he doesn't like human males, and has chosen a human female to show himself to. And that, in turn, gives her problems. Zool is not an Archangel.

But, my favorite story was Just Desserts, in which neither Adrada nor Zool appear, and is probably the shortest of the stories, but it tickled my funny bone mightily.

If you like old fashioned space opera, with a delightful dash of romance; if you like short stories; if you like to smile and laugh out loud, this is the book for you!

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  1. I don't believe either of these ... entities..? are listed in any Dictionary of Angels; still, they sound like grand fun. In fact, like flat-out inspired idiocy! JUST the thing for a dark and stormy night when the lights are out and you STILL can't sleep!