Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Iron Kissed --by Patricia Briggs

Iron Kissed (A Mercy Thompson Novel #3) —by Patricia Briggs  

Fiction / Urban Fantasy
304 pages
5 Stars

I held off buying any more of the Mercy books, as I really needed my sleep. Caught up on the sleep, I started #3 three days ago. I forced myself, two nights running, to turn my light off at a reasonable time, and thereby stretch the fun of the book out a little longer. Last night, I threw caution, and sleep, to the winds, and finished the book.

No vampires in this book, which is too bad, though I'm sure they'll reappear, and soon. This book dealt with the fae, and who was killing them, and why. Mercy, of course, finds herself right in the middle of the investigation, wanted, not wanted, warned away, and eventually in deep trouble. What would you do if your good friend was wrongfully accused of murder, and no one would or could help him? Especially if he was fae and the fae were willing to sacrifice him?

Living in the Tri-Cities, about half way between Mercy's garage and the seethe of vampires, I find Ms. Brigg's world most fascinating. As well as illuminating. Strange things go on in my neighborhood, and though her books are marvelous fiction, I'm not so sure some of the people she writes about are. But, my neighbors are not your concern.

I love a book where the author invites me to come in and play with her characters, rather than forcing me to sit in the chair and watch them play. I love a good book that I can, for a while, become totally lost in, and when I come out of that book and that world, feel better than when I entered. The Mercy Thompson books are just that. Great escape, marvelous stories, and the endings leave me feeling satisfied, and wanting more. (Kind of like a certain potato chip ;-) )

In this book, Mercy also comes to a decision regarding Samuel and Adam. I'm still deciding how I feel about that. Oh, and did I mention I really, really like her tattoos?

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