Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bone Crossed (A Mercy Thompson Novel, #4) --by Patricia Briggs

Fiction / Urban Fantasy
304 Pages
5 Stars

There is a real problem, for me, when I buy most or all of a series at one time — I want to read, and not do anything else. The other problem is, I get confused when I write my reviews because by the time I write the review, I've started the next book. Does this book talk about…. or does it talk about —-?

Mercy deserves a rest. Some recuperation time. The poor gal just went through hell. Except the head of the local seethe of vampires, Marsilia, has other ideas. She wants Mercy dead! Really dead. Not zombie or vampire dead, but cold, dark, buried in the earth DEAD!

Fortunately, an old college chum she hasn't seen in years comes to the rescue and invites Mercy to Spokane to help her find the ghost who is haunting her house and scaring her son — and straight into the lair of the only vampire in Spokane, who just wants Mercy!

This book gives a delightful new twist to the phrase, "You are what you eat." Especially if you're a vampire who can go out in the sun, and follows that advice to an interesting end.

Ms. Briggs has created a marvelous world, right where I live, both literally and imaginatively. I put one of her books down, and then grab the next without a moment of hesitation. Her writing is smooth, her details are wonderful, and her characters are logical and believable.

I'm so glad I've found this series. It's great fun, and each book is better than the book before it. Buy this series. Read this series. Review this series. Please.

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