Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tigers: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos by Emma Child

29 pages / 758 KB
5 Stars

Emma Child has done it again! In her book about tigers, she has given us fascinating information about these marvelous cats, and done so in a way easily understood by the children her book is aimed at reaching. Her writing is informal, fun, and parents who read to their children won't mind reading this one several times over.

Any child who shows an interest in the world of animals will enjoy this series of books. The whole series is fascinating, and I can't imagine anyone not enjoying these books.

I have read all but one of her books, some as free downloads, some as purchased books, and have enjoyed, and learned from, every one of them. This book was a free download.

Keep up the good, and most interesting, work, Ms. Child. Your books are delightful and, dare I say it? Educational ;-)

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