Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mareritt (A Friar Tobe Fairy Tale Files Book #1) --by Krisi Keley

Fiction / mystery
204 pages / 517 KB
5 Stars

Ms. Keley has taken two disparate stories and woven them together. One is the story of some modern-day teens who are being "haunted" by a malevolent ghost and the other is a medieval fairy tale with which we're all familiar.

One of the mothers contracts with ex-novitiate "Friar Tobe" turned Private Investigator to find out what connection, if any, the girls and their "accidents" have with each other. First, he must meet with the girls, none of whom are religious. Well, that's OK as he's now a layperson himself, but some of them don't make that distinction clear, let alone understand the differences between a Brother and a Priest. And one of them is quite open in her flirtations (oh, did I mention they are all seniors in high school, ergo, 17 or 18 years old, not teeny-boppers, no pedophilia here).

Tobias, Samantha, and everyone else are as real as fictional characters can be. Ms. Keley has a degree in theology, and obviously knows about which she writes. Yes, religion is in the book, but without it, there would be little to no story. It is necessary for the story to progress and plays an integral part in solving the mystery.

I had no preconceived notions of what this book would offer me, and the one and only thing I am extremely grateful for is that I started it early enough in the day I could finish it in one-sit, which I did. The story was great fun, Tobias was fun, the language was delightful. I look forward to reading her next book in the series, as well as her other books.

This is a delightful book, well conceived and well delivered. My only warning is don't start it as your bed-time read, unless you plan on staying up several hours past your bedtime to finish it! Can I give this book 10 stars?

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