Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Three Blind Mice

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4 Stars

If you're a hard core mystery buff, this may not be your book, but if you're like me, and pick one up now and again, and are looking more for a novel of escape and, well, brain candy, Three Blind Mice is a lot of fun. As fun as murder and wrongly accused suspects can be ;-)

Ed McBain is probably better known for his 87th Precinct novels than his Matthew Hope series. Matthew Hope is a partner in a law firm in Calusa, FL, located on the "other west coast" – the west coast of Florida, not far from where I used to live. And maybe that's one reason I really enjoyed the book; it was a bit like going home and visiting old friends, though I never knew any of those folks.

We have our requisite murders, the wrong person arrested, the district attorney who wants a fast settlement of the trial for political reasons, and a dogged attorney who wants the right person arrested and justice found.  Yes, this is McBain, perhaps not at his best, but still writing page-turners. Romance, murder, tangled webs—a great bed-time mystery that is fun, but will not give you nightmares when you turn out the light. I'm looking forward to reading other Matthew Hope books.

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