Friday, July 4, 2014

A Month in Mongolia

A Month In Mongolia –by Barbara A. B. Seiders

Nonfiction / Travel
88 pages / 2937 KB
5 Stars

Say the word, "Mongolia" and I'm all ears to the exclusion of any other conversation around. Tell me you've been there and have a book out about your visit there, and it will be downloaded on my Kindle in a heart's beat! Such was the case with this little book that is chock full of color pictures and hot links to other exciting things.

I enjoyed this book and the photos so much that I have ordered the hard copy in case my Kindle dies at the wrong time ;-)

Dr. Seiders made a few (work related) trips to Mongolia, but this book tells of her first one. She writes in an engaging style, and talks about the people with admiration and respect. She makes me want to make my own trip to Mongolia, take my own photos, and try all the interesting foods and meet all the wonderful people she met. (My idea of a perfect trip is to eat my way across the country I'm visiting ;-)

A wonderful little book to be read more than once.

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