Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cheetahs -- Not those cheesy crispy things!

Cheetahs: Amazing Animal Kingdom Series –by Emma Child

26 pages  587 KB
5 Stars

It is very obvious, at least to me, that Ms Child loves writing these books.  If possible, each one gets better than the one before it.

She writes in a relaxed and fun manner, her books are easily accessible by either the young, or the adult. They are full of fun facts presented in a lighthearted way, and at the end, she has a list of 24 Fun Facts about cheetahs. Wish she'd written these books when I was still in school—what fun to read and repeat all those facts.

For instance, did you know cheetahs are terrible climbers, that they can change direction mid-air while chasing their prey, that they can't roar, but they can, and do, purr? Did you know that the Ancient Egyptians tamed them and kept them as pets and or used them while hunting?

If you have a young one you buy books for, I heartily recommend this series of books. If your youngster isn't yet reading, and you read aloud, you will enjoy this book each time you're asked to read it. You will enjoy it each and every time you read it.

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