Monday, January 1, 2018

The Book of Qualities --by J. Ruth Gendler

Nonfiction / Philosophy?
100 pages
5 Stars

This little book came into my life on a whim. I saw it, and bought it, and am delighted I did so. Gendler talks about the Qualities in our lives—both the good ones, and the not-so-good ones; and how to live with them, or show them the door, whichever is needed.

Her first Quality is Pleasure—wild and sweet. Her line drawings are delightful (dare I say, pleasurable?). She gives us Competition and Defeat and ends with Harmony and Joy. These are mini-biographies of all the Qualities we have and or will encounter at some time in our lives. Heartily recommend.

A most positive book, and as the Whole Life Times writes: A wry and whimsical mirror in which we catch an unexpected look at ourselves.

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