Friday, November 24, 2017

Magic Kingdom for Sale –by Terry Brooks

Fiction / Fantasy
386 pages / 3029 KB
5 Stars

Yes, Terry Brooks has written books that are not Shannara related, and they are every bit as much fun!  At least I enjoyed it immensely.

Ben Holiday grieves. His wife, whom he loved, died, and he has never totally recovered. An ad comes out in his wife's favorite holiday wish book offering a magic kingdom for sale for the mere pittance of $1M. Ben has the money. And he has the desire to start over someplace else. But a "Magic Kingdom"?? Even one with dragons and witches in a land not on any map he's ever seen?

Not only can he afford to buy it, but when he does, he will become the King!

And so our protagonist gives up his lucrative law practice in the Windy City for a dream, an escape, and buys the Magic Kingdom. And our good fortune is that he shares it with us!

This book is pure escape and loads of fun, perfect reading as you recoup from the madness of the holidays, and if you leave it on the coffee table, maybe the younger ones in your house will pick it up to read. Wouldn't that be a treat?

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