Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Flash Fiction Magazine 30 Stories 30 Authors Issue #3 –ed by: Epiphany Ferrell and Emily Clayton


Fiction / Anthology

5 Stars

Legalities first: I received a free copy of this magazine in exchange for an honest review.

Not only are these short (1,000 words or fewer) they are across the genre spectrum. We have SF, Fantasy, Literary, and just plain fun! Some will make you tremble, some will make you smile, and one or two will make you howl with laughter. Or, at least they did with me.

There is a TV show on one of the food channels called Cupcake Wars. Believe me, the story by K.F. Williams, "Cupcake Wars" is nothing like it.

Cloven hoofed demons to innocent little girls, and everything in between. A perfect magazine to read at the bus stop, while the soup pot boils, or in the Throne Room.

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