Sunday, March 19, 2017

Redhead (Dovetail Cove 1974) –by Jason McIntyre

Fiction / Novella / Noir 

79 pages / 2123 KB
5 Stars

If you are a fan of noir, check out Jason McIntyre's books. If you've not yet found Dovetail Cove, you might as well dive in here. The books are all about people in the same (fictional—I looked it up) town, Dovetail Cove, Oregon. Their stories interconnect, weave together, but each novella stands alone, there is no reason to begin reading in any particular order. There really is no order, only dark mayhem.

This story focuses on Frances Margaret Banks, Dovetail Cove's most famous Lady of the Night. She claims credit for the deaths of two men, but did she really kill them? One she may have helped with, the other, well, that's up to you to determine.

She falls in love with one of her johns, the red-headed Sean Ketwood. And then the troubles start. And believe me, Dovetail Cove has more troubles and more stories than Grace Metalious ever thought about putting into Peyton Place.

McIntyre does a great job spinning a dark story, and leaving us with the slightest flickering glimmer of hope at the end that all will be well—eventually, and for the deserving.

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