Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Silence Fallen (A Mercy Thompson Novel) --by Patricia Briggs

(Available March 7, 2017)

Fiction / Urban Fantasy
384 Pages
5 Stars

Legalities first: I received an Advance Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review.

I admit, I began this book with trepidation. It doesn't take place in the Tri-Cities. It takes place in Prague (and a bit in Milan). Oh me of little faith.

It begins in the Tri-Cities, when Mercy is kidnapped, wounded, drugged, and secreted to the Milan castle home of Iocopo Bonarata, the Lord of Night, the Chief Vampire of Vampires. And, of course, Mercy hates vampires.

And, of course, the bonds she has with Adam and the Pack, are sundered, and when, as a coyote, she escapes, she is truly on her own. She makes it to Prague, is seen as a coyote, and as a coyote, working with the Prague Pack, is captured by the evil and rogue Vampire who has taken over the local seethe.

Caged in the basement of the old castle, she manages to awaken many of the ghosts, which she can see, others cannot. As a coyote, she is warm, but in order to talk and communicate as a human, she must change, and freeze. One of her stronger allies is the Golem of Prague—at least for a while.

Adam, of course, is not taking any of this lightly, has traced her to Milan, and then to Prague, and of course, because this is a fantasy, well, all's well that ends well.

But it is different from the regular Mercy books. Some chapters are in Mercy's point of view (POV) and some are in Adam's POV. The timeline is a little off (Ms. Briggs warns us about that) but not enough to cause the reader any problem.

As much as I 'trepped' about having the story take place in Europe, that particular 'dation' did not come about. I loved the story, enjoyed the characters, feel I got to know a couple of the other regulars a bit better, and all in all, had a marvelous romp.

A strong believer in the adage that to be forewarned it to be forearmed, I tell you: It's a one-sit read. If you start it in bed, be prepared to get little, if any, sleep, and to be late for work the next day!

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