Monday, November 21, 2016

The Tangled Line --by Tod Marshall

Nonfiction / Literary /  Poetry 

63 pages
5 Stars

The three parts of this book flow within their parts, and when taken as a whole, they flow one into the other in seamless beauty. These are poems of fathers, sons, and separation; poems of love, loss, and reunification.

Do I have a favorite poem or two? Most assuredly. Am I going to tell you which I loved the most on the first time through? No. I want you to read these poems, and choose your own, not read one and wonder why I loved it over the others; besides, the next time I read it, I will be in a different space in my life, and the one loved last week, may not be the one loved the next time.

If you wonder why people are chosen to be the poet laureates of their state, reading this book will answer your question! I highly recommend this book if you are a lover of poetry and the way an expert strings words together to evoke beauty, emotion, even life itself.

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