Saturday, October 8, 2016

Before You Leap --by Keith Houghton

Fiction / Thriller
300 pages / 2144 KB
3 Stars

Legalities First: I received a free copy of this book as a Kindle First offering.

It's been years since I read thrillers, and in the last few weeks, have begun again. I was, well, thrilled, when this one was an option for my First Read of October. I used to live in Florida, near where the story took place, and I thought it would be a fun read.

I found I really didn't care much for the protagonist, but did have some sympathy for his predicament. I read a little over half the book, then started skimming. I finally gave up and went to the last chapter and epilog. The ending left me saying, "Huh?" Alas, even if I went back and read the skipped part, I'd still be saying, "Huh?"

Houghton has some great descriptions and turns of phrase in the book, but sometimes they were hard to follow and or 'see,' I got confused on the timeline at the beginning of the story, but that may have been me. I read enough SF/F that time travel doesn't bother me, so I'm not sure what it was. The writing is clean, there were no typos or grammatical errors that I saw. I appreciate the protagonist has faults, and mental ones at that.

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