Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Schrodinger's Cat: Groundbreaking Experiments in Physics --by Adam Hart-Davis

Nonfiction /  Biography / Science

176 pages
5 Stars

I picked this book up from a table in my brick and mortar bookstore. I had no idea what I was getting, but I'm a sucker for both Dragons and Schrodinger's Cat. What a delight this book was to read!

The stories range from one to three pages, the shorter ones being in the beginning. They also told in chronological order, beginning with Early Experiments: 430 BCE – AD 1307 and ending with Chapter 6, Across the Universe: 1940 – 2009.

I think this is a great overview, and introduction, to science for the non-scientist, of which I am one. I love science, and love reading about it, but I'm not a scientist. That being said, the author, who is a scientist, has put together a book that tells about the lives of the scientists, and their experiments, in an accessible manner. I think this book would be wonderful for any budding scientist you may have in your home, or a neighbor's home.

 It's also a great book to keep on your shelf for a quick and ready reference.

Do you know how metals behave at absolute zero? I didn't. And I didn't know I really, truly needed to know the answer to that question, until I reached page 101. In fact, I'd never even thought of the question. But now not only do I know, I have the book and if/when I forget, can look it up quickly and easily.

Jason Anscomb did the interior design and illustrations, and they are marvelous. A fun book all around. Fun, entertaining, and educational. For what more can you ask?

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