Monday, February 2, 2015

Courtlight Series Boxed Set (Books 1, 2, 3) —by Terah Edun

fiction / fantasy  

731 pages / 3539 KB
3 Stars

I 'bought' the boxed set for free. I got what I paid for. Terah Edun has a great imagination, and with a good editor, she'd have some terrific stories. She gets 3 stars from me because that's the average of an almost 5 star storyline and a 1 star grammar line.

The books almost read like a first draft, though I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Ciardis, our heroine, is an orphan and grows up scrappy in order to survive. A Companion comes to town and takes her to the Guild to be trained as another Companion. The training fell flat in many areas, Ciardis was always being told to watch herself, but no one ever explained HOW or WHY she needed to act, only that she needed to change. No one really explained to her (or the reader) what a Companion was, either. A Broodmare? A 'Trophy' wife? Someone to accompany the highest bidder to the ball? A Helpmeet? Lots of hints but nothing concrete. She reads the dossiers of her 'suitors' but what is she looking for? And why?

On her 18th birthday, her magic powers come to fruition. She is a powerful mage, and again, is not given the training she needs, just told she needs to behave herself.

Outside of the grammar mistakes on nearly every page, the biggest problem for me was there was no cost to any of the mages for the use of their magic. Only the Prince Heir, at the last, paid a price for his magic. Magic was so freely used in these stories it became, well, mundane.

There were characters introduced who disappeared, characters I would have enjoyed seeing more of, especially the dragons.

A lot of action, but not all of it explained well. A lot of Ciardis acting like a snot-nosed brat, a lot of her going off on her own. She doesn't grow much, and she doesn't pay much of a price for it. Oh, she's on the death list of someone, but we know she'll survive.

Some romance, but not a novel of romance. Ciardis, the orphan discovers she has a brother, and then discovers her mother still lives, but has lived while hiding in plain sight.

If you like high fantasy, don't mind some of the plot holes, and can deal with the grammar errors, I'll recommend this set, especially at the price. I think this author has a lot to offer, especially if she teams with a good editor.

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