Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Great World & A Great Read

A Greater World --by Clare Flynn

Fiction / Historical Romance
334 pages / 610 KB
5 Stars

A friend gave me this book, thinking I would enjoy it. My friend is very astute, and seldom, if ever wrong. ;-)

The story begins in London in 1920 and finishes in Australia 18 years or so later. As a romance, it is fairly predictable; however, Ms. Flynn added layers to the story that made it an enjoyable read. Her research was spot on, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about not just that time period, but that time period in two cultures different from mine.

Elizabeth Morton is the "spinster" of the two sisters, and lives in the family home with her sister and brother-in-law. Their mother is deceased, and father has gone to Australia to rebuild his fortune lost when his wife died. He sends for Elizabeth, telling her he has arranged a marriage for her. Her sister throws her out of the house, and she has no choice but to go, not to marry Mr. Kidd, but to be with her father.

On the boat going over, she meets and falls in love with Michael, but alas, it cannot be. On arrival, she discovers her father has died, and Mr. Kidd, quite literally, bought her to be his wife. Again, she is without resources and goes with her new husband who is verbally and emotionally abusive. She meets two of his children—the youngest boy, of whom she becomes quite fond, the middle daughter who hates her step mother, and eventually the oldest boy who is extremely abusive and the catalyst for the ending.

Set in New South Wales during the Great Depression, this story gives an intimate glimpse into a life I can, at best, imagine. Mr. Kidd, the antagonist of the story becomes, well, let me say that by the end of the book I actually shed a tear or three.

Ms. Flynn is a good writer, her characters are believable, the story is believable, and the book is quite enjoyable. Highly recommended!

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