Monday, January 13, 2014

Dinosaurs: Fun Facts and other things

DINOSAURS: Fun Facts and Amazing Photos of Animals in Nature – by Emma Child

718 KB / 34 pages (approx)
4 Stars

This small book is chock full of facts, and photos of dinosaur bones and pictures. I think it a good introduction for children, especially if the parent/teacher reads it, and discusses it. There are a couple of small "issues" with the book, nothing earth shattering, however they exist, which is why I recommend an adult read it and discuss it with the child.

Ms. Child uses the term "pack" to describe the herbivores and how they moved about. According to various online sources, "packs" are predators and therefore carnivores while "herds" are prey and normally herbivores.

Also, we do know that there were dinosaurs with feathers, fossils have been found of the Archaeopteryx lithographica that clearly shows feathers. Could it fly? That is another question. I believe they can even tell the colors of some of those feathers.

Although dinosaurs no longer roam the earth, their descendants do, and I truly wish Ms. Child had spent a page or two, not to mention a photo or two, of the crocodilians and birds that inhabit our planet along with us. I hope she will write another book about the various descendants of those extinct animals that we see on a fairly regular basis.

This book is written in an engaging and conversational style I think any child will enjoy, not to mention the parent who may be asked to read it. Again and again, and perhaps once again. As a dinosaur, I mean grandmother, I would read this book to my grandson with pleasure.

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