Saturday, December 21, 2013

Got Honey on Your Mind?

Honey on Your Mind –by Maria Murnane

308 Pages / 664 KB
4 Stars

Honey on Your Mind was my introduction to Waverly Bryson. I now know this is the third in a series about our intrepid heroine. I think it stands alone, however, had I read the other two books first, it might have made a difference in my understanding and enjoyment of some of the characters and situations. As it was, it took me a while to get into the story. Part of that may be attributed to the fact I'm just not familiar with this genre (Single Woman/Chick Lit).

There were some laugh-out-loud moments (always good!), and a couple places that might have drawn a tear or three. It did hold my interest enough to finish, and I might pick up the other two books.

Waverly gets an opportunity to leave her beloved San Francisco, and her close friends, and start a new life in New York where she knows one person – her new boss. She jumps at the opportunity, finds her new job challenging (she has a video segment on a daily talk show), is getting her business off the ground, and is finally in the same time zone as her boy friend, if not the same city or state. She has an online store, Honey on Your Mind, she is trying to get up and going.

There are some interesting twists, but I believe it's fair to say, the ending is true to the genre, and how everything works out and becomes resolved is well done.

There were many aspects of Waverly I could relate to. I, too, have been known to pack up and move across the country, or, when in the military, across the world. Our jobs were different, but many of the situations were similar enough I could find something to recognize and appreciate.

My biggest problem with Waverly was her lack of self-confidence, and I felt at times that she dropped into the whiny mode. This is what makes me consider, rather than buy, the first two books. Does she whine in them? Or is that just my prception?

As one reviewer said, it's a good beach read. I agree. Or a good read curled in front of the fireplace with a favorite libation, a soft blanket, and a favorite fur-person to keep one company. I'd call it delightful brain candy meringue. No calories, not hard to read. And we all need brain candy at times.

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