Friday, August 16, 2013

Billy The Goat Helps His Father

40 Billy The Goat Helps His Father –by Dustin Ross

Children's Book
Color Illustrations
Suitable for eReaders
5 Stars

I've gone years without reading children's stories, and suddenly I've read two in almost as many days. I'd forgotten how wonderful they can be.

Dustin Ross has come upon a great protagonist, Billy the Goat, and it looks like there will be several in the series as he Helps His Father, Meets the Dentist, and more.

In this story, young Billy wants to know where people go when they go to work, so his father takes him to work the next morning and explains how he is an electrician and what his job is. He explains to Billy it is a dangerous job for those not trained, and that electricity should be treated with respect.

Dustin does not lecture in this book, just shows, in his gentle and whimsical style, the teaching of children about life. His art is delightful and fun, and every page is in color.

If you have a child you read to, this is a marvelous book. Some of the words may be a little 'old' but in my opinion that's pure goodness. And if you have a child who reads, this one is perfect. Books should always stretch the imagination and the mind and reinforce good manners.

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